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The Rescue3 Swiftwater and Flood Awareness Certification Course is a comprehensive training course designed to increase the understanding of the risks, hazards and protocols to safely operate and support swiftwater and flood emergencies.  The course teaches the fundamentals that will reduce risk of injury or death and maximize the value of support personnel in carrying out rescues.

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See what our online training is all about.

It’s easy, it’s comprehensive, it’s for everyone.


The Process

Purchase the course and regsiter with a username and password.  Organizations purchasing packs of courses will receive registration codes directly from Earth Experience.  See Agency Info.

Once enrolled the student can view and review material, take the practice quizzes, download the handouts and take the final exam.  It is a self paced course.  Each student is given two chances to pass the final exam with a score of 75% or higher.  After two tries the student will need to re-register for the course.  Course progress is tracked throughout the course as are quiz results which help keep students on track and help them focus on what they need to learn to pass the Final Exam.

Upon successful completion the student will be mailed a certification directly from Rescue3 International.




Rescue3 and it’s official online training partner Earth Experience,  have taken the Rescue3 time tested and worldwide accepted curriculum of their Flood and Swiftwater courses to develop the video modules that are delivered in the course.

AWR – The Awareness Online Training course was developed out of the dire need to give basic moving water safety and rescue training to everyone.  Born from the same mold as basic first-aid, the Awareness Flood and Swiftwater course (AWR) has been long overdue and is being met with great regard and acceptance.

SRT-1 – The Swiftwater Rescue Technician Unit 1 Online Online Pre-Load course is a comprehensive course that covers the same theory, techniques and information Recue3 students could expect to cover in the 1 day classroom portion of the technician 3 day course.  However, now students will be able to ingest this information at their own pace, review subjects that are new or unfamiliar and test themselves on their knowledge with the practice quizzes.

Highest Standards of Training

The Rescue3 online training courses recognize the industry’s highest standards for delivery and testing.  All courses are NFPA compliant and bear the industry leading “stamp” of approval from Rescue3 International.  Awareness students will be introduced to the same curriculum methodology taught in advanced courses and this is a good way to begin a path to higher learning and technician level training.

Quizzes may be taken at any time, as many times as needed.  All quizzes are ungraded but scores are recorded and reported to the student to track progress and give guidance into areas needing further study.

The Final Exam is a graded / timed exam that if completed successfully gives the student an industry recognized certification.

Certifications: All certifications are recognized current for three (3) years from time of completion and it is recommended to re-certify to stay current with the ever changing curriculum and technology.



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FACT:  6:1 Ratio or Higher


Experts estimate that for every (1) technician on a moving water rescue, between 6 and 10 support personnel are involved in the “warm” and “cold” zones.

Often these support personnel may have limited or NO training or knowledge of Flood or Swiftwater Safety and Rescue.

Train Personnel Now

View Sample Chapters

View Sample Chapters


Want to check out the course?  You sure can.

Go to the individual Course Listing and click on the Blue Chapters.  A free registration is required.







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Scalable, Efficient, Effective


One of the biggest benefits of the online training is that you can train a single person or you can train an entire city.  Think about how long it would take to train 100 personnel to the awareness level.  5, 8, 12 months?  Probably a lot longer, but the point is with the Rescue3 Awareness course ALL of your personnel can train simultaneously, during off hours, without any travel costs, overtime costs, or lost wage costs.  On top of that each student ends up with a recognized 3rd party NFPA compliant certification!  Pretty amazing!

Students can view the course in any order, allowing the user to focus more on areas of content they are weak in and less in areas where they may have prior experience or knowledge.

Finally, all successful students will have passed a final course exam proving that they a have a high level of understanding of the content and have an effective Awareness Level of skills and knowledge.



AWR- Curriculum


AWR is a 3hour and 45 minute course with practice quizzes and handouts.  The subject matter and standards comply with NFPA standards for Awareness Level training for Swiftwater and Flood Rescue.  This is a comprehensive certification course with a graded / timed final exam.

Subjects Include  18 chapters on:

Water Rescue Standards, Rescue Philosophy & Communication, Zoned Approach to Water Rescue, The 15 Absolutes, Hydrology, Swiftwater Features & International River Grading Scale, Swiftwater & Flood Hazards, , Floods, Pre-Planning & Incident Management, Size up & Team Briefings, Personal Equipment, Team Equipment, Personal Safety & Survival, Drowning, Common Medical Conditions in the Water Environment, Waterborne Illnesses, General Moving Water First-Aid.



AWR- Recommended For


This course is recommended for:

Fire Fighters, Police and Law Enforcement, Dispatchers, Engine Operators and Drivers, EMS, Search and Rescue, Emergency Management, Utility Workers, and any one who may have potential to come into contact with a moving water emergency.

Without basic knowledge of the characteristics, hazards, limitations and techniques those without this course or some form of training are at much higher risk for 1) injury or fatality  2)




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SRT-1 Online Classroom Pre-load


Take the Pre-Load


A Comprehensive Online Course that prepares students for the Rescue3 SRT-1 Technician on-water course.

[icon icon=”fighter-jet” size=”medium” style=”solid” shape=”inherit” text_color=”#ffffff” bg_color=”#962121″]”A cost effective way to maximize your on-water training experience.” 

The Rescue3 Swiftwater and Flood Awareness Certification Course is a comprehensive training course designed to increase the understanding of the risks, hazards and protocols to safely operate and support swiftwater and flood emergencies.  The course teaches the fundamentals that will reduce risk of injury or death and maximize the value of support personnel in carrying out rescues.



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Maximize Your In-field Training


Traditionally, the SRT-1 Technician level course is taught with a recommended (1) day classroom (2) days field work paradigm.   While each instructor may choose to teach their course in a manner that works for their teaching style, the critical element is that all students are exposed to the entire curriculum and that the instructor can sign off on the students certification requirements.  An (8) hour classroom session covering over 30 topics and multiple sub topics may work for some.  However, the ability to study at a pace that is comfortable for the individual over a period of time is better for others.  Studies have shown that actually this is more the case.   Bottom line, spending time on the theory and techniques that will be covered and are required for certification prepares the student better for in-field, hands on exercises.    Although the 8 hour classroom may be effective, having days or weeks to review and study the material allows the student to thoroughly absorb the curriculum.

Test:  The online SRT-1 Course tests each students level of knowledge before they leave for the water.  If they don’t pass they aren’t ready.

The Result:  The student comes to the on-water days with a very thorough understanding of the material and is very prepared for instruction in the higher level topics. 

SRT-1 Curriculum


SRT-1 OnLine Classroom Pre-Load  is a 7 hour and 45 minute course with practice quizzes and handouts.  It is NFPA compliant for Technician Level  Training for Swiftwater and Flood Rescue.  This course can be a substitute for the (1) one day classroom portion of the SRT-1 Technician Level course.  Rescue3 is adamant about not requiring instructors to teach the course in any particular paradigm and individual instructors may elect to use this online pre-load as a substitute for the classroom day and in conjunction with 2 days on water training. They may also elect to teach the course in the traditional manner of 3 days.  Finally, the SRT-1 is also used as a supplemental educational tool beyond a 3 day course.

Students who take the SRT-1 Online Classroom Pre-Load can expect to come to the on-water training more prepared, more knowledgeable and more capable to learn the techniques and advanced techniques that will be taught by their Rescue3 Instructor.  For more information on finding an instructor who incorporates the on-line pre-load into their curriculum please contact Earth Experience.

Read More

Save Resources


Where time and money is a limited resource the SRT-1 Online Pre-Load can reduce days out of office or away from the station.  The student will be able to take the “classroom” segment at home or in the station over days or weeks.

Estimated Savings:  Our research has determined that the SRT-1 Classroom Pre-Load can save from $300-$500* or more per student on the overall cost of training.   (*Based on a student that drives to a course and has to stay the night)  That equates to as much as a $4000 savings on a team of 8 Technicians.  This includes wages or lost wages, overtime, travel, lodging, meals, etc.

Time Savings:  Now personnel can train in off hours at the station or office in lieu of other activities.  Saving the time of an extra day away from work or taking off a Friday for a weekend course.

Even as an add-on to the traditional 3 day course, the SRT-1 Online Pre-Load is valuable training tool that some instructors use to increase knowledge and preparation.




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Learn at your own pace,

from the comfort of your office, home or station.

Save time, money and resources while maintaining the worlds highest standards of training!


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Rescue3 Online Training – Get Started Today!



FAQ’s and Knowledge Base

Have more questions or need to learn more?  Check out the FAQ’s

Check out the FAQ’s and the knowledge base or get in touch!

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