Rescue3 Online Training

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Online Flood and Swiftwater  Training


The worldwide leader in Flood and Water Rescue offers the most comprehensive Awareness Level and Classroom Pre-Load on-line training available. Easily and effectively  train personnel who support moving water rescues or may be exposed to flood and water emergencies.

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Agencies & Organizations


The Rescue3 Online Training system is the most cost effective and efficient method for agencies to train personnel the essential techniques and protocol for Awareness Level and SRT-1 Classroom Pre-load Flood and Swiftwater Rescue and Safety.
Learn about Bulk Discounts and how our scalable learning solution can save time and money for your organization.
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NFPA Compliant Certification


All Rescue3 Online Training courses are NFPA compliant and include a final graded exam. Successful students receive an official Rescue3 Certificate acknowleging their successful completion.
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Awareness Level Training, Who it’s for?


An essential awareness level training course that is quickly becoming a standard for all fire, ems, law enforcement and emergency management.  The Rescue3 Flood and Swiftwater Awareness Level certification course is for ALL personnel who support moving water rescues in the “Cold Zone” – first responders such as SAR, Police and Law Enforcement, Dispatchers, Utility Workers, Emergency Management and Municipal Employees included.
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Mitigate Risk and Increase Safety


Cost Effective

Training in off hours –  savings for travel –  accommodation –  overtime and or lost wages all adds up.  We estimate $300 – $500 dollars are saved per individual by taking an online Awareness Course or an SRT-1 Online Pre-Load.

Industry Proven Curriculum

Training large numbers of personnel to the Awareness Level or Preparing for the SRT-1 Techncian course was never was so easy. You can purchase, setup and begin to train entire agencies in a few minutes.  Training is self paced and can take as little as 1 -2 days.

Agency Discounts

For Agencies and Organizations looking to get their departments prepared and trained to the highest industry standard we offer some great discounts for moderate and large purchases.

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Learn from the Pros, Find Your Passion, Do Great Things



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