Affiliate Partner Program

How it Works

  • Promote and refer clients to the Rescue3 Online courses on your website, emails, e-newsletters.
  • Someone clicks on your link and buys a course.
  • You receive the purchase information and a commission.*
  • Your client list grows. They come back and take a technical course. Simple.

Everything is automated and easy including generation of links, tracking referrals, commissions and getting paid. It’s simple and designed to help broaden your products and services and help you grow your business by bringing in more users who need technical training.

Awareness Level – Bring in New Users

6:1 Ratio

For every Technician Level swifwater rescuer their are between 6 and 10 support personnel working in the cold zones. That’s 83% or more of the personnel. Sell them an awareness course, add them to your contacts and when they’re ready for technical courses you are their preferred training partner.

By offering an Online Awareness Course you now are tapping into the 83%.

It’s an easy way to get more people training and funneling them through your business channel.

Lead Tracking

We do all the heavy lifting. Clicks, Referrals, Purchases, Payouts – It’s all tracked and available for you analyze in your private “Affiliate Page.”

Any affiliate link you have directly tracks users to your account. Even 30 days after leaving your site, you will be giving a commission for any referral purchases. Send out an email with your affiliate link and we’ll track your success. Get the statistics on how effective your affiliate marketing events are and see the results in your private affiliate area.

It’s seamless and helps what campaigns and links are working to help grow your clientele and profits.


Have an Affiliate Partner Question?

We’re here to help your sales and business grow. Give us a shout and we’ll do our best to help you put your best foot forward.

Contact Earth Experience Support!

Who Can Join

We look for qualified Partners with an operational website whose content relates to rescue training, emergency training, outdoor education, professional education and training and general outdoor companies who provide extra value to their customers. To become a Partner, apply below.

Grow Your User Database

  • Increase your Marketing Contact List
  • Build a focused network of Awareness Level Users
  • Stimulate new students to learn the skills you teach

Awareness Level – Bring in New Users

  • Increase your product offerings
  • Offer Awareness Level Courses
  • Reach out to a large, new target audience
  • Earn cash from each Awareness / Online Sale

Extend Your Network

  • Need another reason to reach out to your growing Contact List?
  • Send out newsletters or emails with your Affiliate Link
  • Become the definitive training resource in your region
*Commissions are paid to Affiliate Partners who generate 25 referrals in a calendar year. That’s about 2 classes worth of students. As long as you get 25 people to sign up each year you earn commission. All affiliates receive marketing contacts from each paid referral.