(SRT-1) SWIFTWATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN Unit 1 – Online Classroom Pre-Load


Course Description

A learn at your own pace online course offering agencies and students a comprehensive introduction of the SRT-Unit 1 curriculum.
This Online Classroom Course covers in detail the information, techniques and systems needed to successfully complete and pass the SRT UNIT 1 Technician Level field course.  Completion of this course will allow the student to come to the field course with a high level of understanding of the techniques, terminology and principles and maximize their experience in the field.

Prepare for the Field Course

Students taking the Online Pre-Load will better understand the field techniques and be ahead of the curve when it comes to learning and participating in advanced field techniques. Whether taken as a classroom alternative or optional pre-load, Students will learn and test on the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully complete the On-Water field days of the SRT-1 Technician course.

Recommended for:

  • Students and Agencies with restricted time budgets and interested in learning at home or on off hours
  • Agencies and Students interested in accelerating their learning curve and advancing quickly into advanced level certifications
The SRT1 course provides rescuers with the fundamentals of survival in moving water and is recommended for anyone who may be called upon to effect in-water rescues. Students gain knowledge in hydrology and river classifications, size-up, site control and scene management. Practical skills include self-rescue, Swiftwater swimming and the fundamentals of shore, boat and in-water rescues. Additionally students are introduced to the basics of boat handling and the fundamentals of rope rescue including mechanical
advantage and anchor systems.
The SRT1 class also provides the foundation of the Swiftwater Rescue Technician training level. Swiftwater Rescue Technician is a mandatory training level for inclusion on a Federal Emergency Management Agency Swiftwater/Flood Search and Rescue Team at all Team levels.

Note on Instructor Availability:

SRT-1 Online Preload is part of a Bleneded Learning Course.  It is offered by certain instructors at their discrepancy.  If you are interested in the time and money saving blended learning model, please verify your instructor’s available offerings or ask Rescue3.com for assistance in locating a participating instructor prior to taking the SRT-1 online training.

Standard: NFPA 1670 Operations (Water)

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