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AWR- Swiftwater and Flood Rescue Awareness Online Certification

Individual Course Price: $65 Per Course (1-49 Courses)

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50  Course Pack: $57.50 per course / 11.5% Discount
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$50.00 per course / 23% Discount 

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Course Description:

This Rescue3 course is the most comprehensive awareness level training course for swiftwater and flood emergency rescue offered today.  This course uses the NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency) standards and guides students through the essential knowledge needed to support and deal with flood and swiftwater emergencies.  It is a must take course for those who work in areas with flood potential or swiftwater such as rivers, dams, or canals.

Partial List of Topics Covered:

Water Rescue Standards | Rescue Philosophy |Communication | Hydrology | Hazards | River Grading Systems | Equipment | Personal Safety | Medical Conditions and Drowning |  General First Aid Principles.

Recommended for:

  • Employees such as fire fighters, police officers, dispatchers supporting rescues, electric utility workers, gas utility workers,  city and county officials, emergency management and Civilians who live or work in areas near swiftwater (moving water) or in areas with flood potential.

  • Government Employees who support, operate in conjunction with or otherwise interact with Swiftwater and Flood operations and Rescue.

Meets NFPA 1670 Standards

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