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Awareness Course Packs for the AWR- Online Certification

Individual Course Purchase

Single User Paid Online
(For orders from 1-49 users)


    • Easily Train 1 – 49 persons


    • Add a single user at a time


    • Budget as you go



Purchase a single USER

100 Course Pack


Save 23% – Use the courses anytime within 1 Year.


    • Receive Course Codes good for 1 year.


    • Once activated a course is good for 6 months.


    • Train Larger Agencies, Municipalities and Organizations


Purchase a 100 Pack

50 Course Pack


Save 11.5% – Use the courses anytime within 1 Year


    • A great way to train medium sized organizations


    • Receive Course Codes good for 1 year.


    • Once activated a course is good for 6 months.


Purchase a 50 Pack


Common Questions

Do you have setup fees or contracts?

No.  We don’t believe in setup fees or contracts.  You can buy as you go, train personnel all at once or buy a pack and hand out several codes each day or week.

Can I try the course before I buy?

We offer sample chapters of each course.  See Course Info to find out more on Sample Chapters.  If you are purchasing a pack, we can offer a 14 day money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the course for any reason.   All we ask is that you give us some simple feedback on your reason, so we can work like crazy to make our product better.  We think you will like the course as much as we do or your money back!


What about the SRT-1 Pre-Load?  How do I get my team using this product?

Great question.  It’s super easy and we can help.  Since the SRT-1 Online Pre-Load is a great option to save resources, you can inquire with your chosen instructor to see if they offer a 2 day course with the online pre-load.  If so you can purchase the online pre-load directly from us, or your instructor can purchase the SRT-1 course registration codes through Rescue3 and bill you all at once.  If you have questions or are having trouble finding an instructor, we can assist you in finding an instructor who offers the Online Pre-Load + 2 day On-Water solution.

Contact and we’ll help you get going !

Do you accept Purchase Orders?

Yes. Earth Experience will extend credit for purchases with an approved application.  We will do our best to work with your organization.  Our terms are payment in full 30 days upon submission of purchase order.

Can I buy multiple packs or 1 of each pack?

Yes.  Simply go to the Online Course Catalog and select the pack and quantity at the top of the page.  You can select as many of each pack as you wish.