Flood Training Matters 

Building a world where all personnel can act and respond  with confidence

Awareness Flood Training 

For Fire

Solve Fire and EMS Challenges

Awareness Flood Training 

For County & State

Solve Emergency Management Challenges

Awareness Flood Training 

For Law

Solve Law Enforcement Challenges

-------------------------------------------  OVER 3O YEARS --------------------------------------------

of training through experience.


Minimum number of days to certify to the Awareness Level

up to 70%

First Responders undertrained for Flood Response


Agencies required to provide flood rescues in their community


Trained Officials & Active  Learners worldwide




Ensuring safety through flood awareness learning


Enabling understanding behind the front line


Building skills for success as a first responder


Providing Just-In-Time Learning

Because we offer training Online, information is available anytime, on any device. Personnel are able to learn on their own time - building skills that drive Flood understanding, communication, and best practices for Swiftwater Rescue.

The Rescue3 solution allows both support personnel and first responders to become certified at the awareness level in as little as one day and $65 per user or less.

Better prepare your support staff for flood and moving water emergencies.

Earth Experience is the online training partner for Rescue3 International. Learn more about Earth Experience at www.EarthExperience.com

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